If you are now reading these lines, then for sure you can’t imagine your life without Dota 2 exactly as we do. This is a legendary game that brings together people of different ages and professions all over the world. Our site was created specifically for fans of this popular game. Dotabetz is a team of professional bettors and analysts. We, just like you, love eSports and try to help gamers and bettors grow and gain more experience. If you share our views and cannot imagine your life without such a modern kind of sport, then join us! With us, you will find a lot of diverse and beneficial information.

Dota 2 Bet. Information Is The Key To Success

If you bet Dota 2 at least once, you know this feeling of extreme excitement when you wholeheartedly cheer for the team on which you bet. Betting adds interest and gives new emotions as adrenaline fills every cell in your body. And if your bet on Dota 2 wins, you feel in seventh heaven. It is an incomparable feeling! But at the same time, betting is fraught with great risk. You can never be 100% sure of the success of a bet. However, experienced e-bettors are professionally aware that the success of their bets can be increased if they follow certain rules. The main thing you need to understand if you want to succeed in betting is that before making a bet on money or skins, you should collect as much information as possible about the upcoming game and carefully examine your opponents. Only based on the information received you have to conclude the chances of winning.

You can ask, ‘Where to get this information?’ The answer is simple – you can find some of the necessary information on our website in the appropriate sections. Here is not only the schedule of tournaments and upcoming games but also the odds of the most reliable bookmakers. You will also find here tips, tactics and secrets of the best world professionals in eSports betting. All information provided by Dotabetz specialists is free. We regularly update it, so you always have access to the latest news. Thus, we saved you a lot of time that you can spend on analytics.

Dota 2 Betting – Useful Tips

Probably, you already understood that professionals never rely on luck. Before betting on Dota 2 matches, they make a prediction based on the received information. We advise you to do the same. To start, choose the match for betting. Many games are held daily in various parts of our planet. The more matches, the better result, because in this way you will have more opportunities to choose a proper match.

Try to avoid games with obvious favorites. Bookmakers do not give high odds for such matches, but the favorite may underestimate the outsider. Sometimes it happens. Choose opponents with approximately equal abilities. After that, gather information about the opponents, taking into account the following factors:

1) The prestige of the tournament. The more prestigious the tournament, the higher its prize pool.
2) Motivation to win.
3) The presence of replacements in the teams. Replacement of even one player can have the most significant impact on teams.
4) Physical and emotional form of players as you bet on players too.
5) Fatigue from a flight. Jetlag.
6) The intensity of training and preparation for the tournament. The presence of bootcamps.
7) The total number of hours played in Dota 2 for each athlete in the last two weeks.
8) Peaks and bans of characters in live.
9) Statistics of matches held over the past few months by each team.

Compare these facts and try to make your own Dota 2 bet prediction on the outcome of the match. Perhaps at first, it will be a difficult task for you, but over time, your experience will grow and your predictions will become more accurate.

Dota 2 Bet – Prospects

A few years ago, many sports analysts did not seriously consider bets on Dota 2. They thought computer games were for fun only. But in recent years, the situation has changed. Speaking particularly about Dota 2, the International Tournament is held annually, on which you can bet if you wish. The prize fund of this championship has exceeded $30 million. This is a huge prize and it will grow. So, every year eSports is becoming more prestigious and popular. Bookmakers and the public are forced to reckon with this fact.

Maybe, even in the nearest future, these disciplines will become more popular than soccer and hockey. Nevertheless, a generation of young people is growing now, and Dota 2 is a part of their everyday life. According to experts, the total amount of all bets made for computer games competitions is increasing every year. This is a reasonably revealing trend that shows us a growing interest. The army of fans of online games is also growing. And sponsors with prestigious names are increasingly funding the event.

Based on a player’s ability, the rank of the team can vary. You may be able to raise your rank by winning matches and gaining strength. The higher your team’s rank, the more chances you’ll have at getting the prizes. This brings you a lot closer to the grand prize – and ultimately, receiving the title of top Dota 2 player.

If it’s done right, a simple bet can bring a variety of rewards. You just need to be very careful. Join these popular games and place your bet on dotabetz.com. Happy eSports betting and may the odds be forever in your favor!