Will the Battle Pass for The International 2021 Be Launched Soon?

The thing many people are waiting for near important eSports events is betting. A lot of Esports betting sites offer betting options for people’s favorite championships. One of the tournaments people will surely make bets for is The International 2021. The event is set to take place in August. There are still some details that have yet to be offered to the public, though. Nobody knows for sure yet whether Battle Passes will be launched soon.

Will Valve Release Battle Passes This Year?

Every year, Battle Passes for the Dota 2 International have been released in May. The goal was to crowdfund the event’s prize pool. The International 9 was the event that had the highest prize pool, which was as high as $34.33 million. But the Dota 2 International will exceed this, as it managed to raise as much as $40 million last year.

Considering Valve has released the passes in May every year, people are making bets that the same will happen this year too. The present Dota Pro Circuit will conclude towards the end of May. It would be great if the Battle Pass launches between the conclusion of league play and the beginning of the second major. It may, however, also come at the end of the second major.

What Will the Pass Include?

Nobody knows for sure what the pass for The International 2021 will include. What is clear is that Valve will have to give many amazing skins to make a lot of money. In the pass for The International 10, two hero persona skins were added for Pudge and Anti-Mage. Arcanas for Wraith King, Windranger, and Queen of Pain were also added. This happened after the TI9 Battle pass offered premium skins for Axe, Earthshaker, and Tiny.

So, it is likely that the TI10 Battle Pass will be successful as well. Since making sales is necessary, this Battle Pass might be better than last year’s.