Dota 2 The International 2020 is the tenth edition of the annual event hosted by Valve Corporation. The event was supposed to take place in Ericsson Glove in Stockholm, in Sweden. At first, this Dota 2 International edition was expected to start on July 20 and end on August 23. However, it is uncertain whether The International 2020 will take place this year, something which has betting fans disappointed, although they understand.

Tournament Format

The format of the tournament was about to follow the one from the previous year, where there was a point system based on Majors and Minors. This system would have been the deciding factor when it came to the teams that will be invited to the event.
After the open qualifiers, where teams would have been chosen from five different regions of the world, the group stage would have taken place. In this part of the Dota 2 International, teams would be divided into two groups made of nine teams. Then, they’d have to participate in a best-of-two round-robin tournament. The team in the last place would be eliminated, whereas the lower four teams advance to the lower brackets and the top four teams to the upper bracket.
Then, it would all go to the Main Event, a double-elimination tournament where the four teams on top will start in the upper bracket. Meanwhile, the bottom four ones would start in the lower bracket. The first round of the lower bracket would have best-of-one matches, and for the finals, there would be best-of-five matches. As for the others, they would be best-of-three.

Will the Event Take Place in 2020?

People who wished to make bets on the event this year may be disappointed. It isn’t known if the event will take place this year. COVID-19 is forcing countries to have restrictions, so it would be too risky to hold the event in these circumstances. Battle Passes have been offered, so money is being gathered for the event even if the near future is unclear.
Esports Betting Sites offer bets for when the tournament will take place, though. So, betting fans will still be able to bet, but maybe not as early as they wanted.

Final Thoughts

Since the event has been delayed, you may have to wait a bit to make bets on the International. However, it’s for the best as we have to stay safe.