Dota 2 Team World Rankings

If you are planning to be a Defense of the Ancients player, one of the most important skills to hone should be your teamwork. Before entering a team or placing your bet on someone, you need to learn the basics of Dota 2 teams – more precisely, how they are formed and their ranking system.

Forming the Best Dota 2 Team

Once a player has entered the steam to play Defense of the Ancients 2, they will be split into two categories: the Dire and the Radiant. Regardless of which category you are a part of, you have four other teammates, each of them with their own hero and their own skill set. Players can earn experience within the game, go up on the Dota 2 ranking, and win points which will buy items. These can be used to make their hero stronger, and therefore, raising the Dota 2 team rankings.

Recruiting a Member

Everyone needs to be a member of a team in the game, but not all of them have the members to complete the best Dota 2 team. The steam offers you many options; you can either look for one more member for your squad, or you can join an already formed one (if you are by yourself). Just look on the recruitment pages and see which the top Dota 2 teams are.

Improving the Dota 2 Team Ranking

All Dota 2 teams are ranked by their rate of success. The more you conquer the map, the steadier the road will be towards gaining the best Dota 2 team title. The one that has the best score at the end of the game wins the grand prize.
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