If you are planning to be a Defense of the Ancients player, one of the most important skills to hone should be your teamwork. Before entering a team or placing your bet on someone, you need to learn the basics of Dota 2 teams – more precisely, how they are formed and their ranking system. Dotabetz experts tell you how to analyze Dota 2 team rankings before the match.

As you know, the success of any bettor lies in competent analytics. At the same time, practice shows that most beginners do not devote time to analyzing Dota 2 rankings in advance, but try to bet based on their feelings. Often this leads to sad results, mostly if a person adheres to some risky strategy. Every “surprise” that could be discovered on the analytics stage eventually becomes an unpleasant surprise. That is why the Dotabetz team decided to share information with readers on analyzing Dota 2 teams and its effect.

What needs to be analyzed

Here are a few key points to consider when analyzing top Dota 2 teams:
Statistics. The most important aspect that anyone who even thinks about analytics immediately checks. You should look at how each team has played lately, and also remember to watch the personal meetings of the teams. Probably, many remember how in 2016-2017 Virtus.Pro won, but at the same time, they lost to Evil Geniuses, although they did not show any results at that time.
News. The news can tell a lot about how well the team will play the upcoming game. You need to regularly follow not only the various resources that cover the eSports field but also the official social media channels of different teams. Any hints of substitutions or health problems may indicate that the next game won’t go well. The best example of the usefulness of such news is one of the majors in Malaysia, upon arrival in which many players felt terrible.
Dota 2 team rating. Of course, everyone compiles it independently, and we do not recommend using any third-party resources. Still, if you are not adept at Dota, but at the same time want to start making money on it with bets, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with what position in the table are occupied by different teams and for what reasons this happens.
Don’t forget to watch the game yourself. Watching matches for a bettor is not cheering for the team he has bet on, but continually looking for useful information in picks, actions and statistics. Invest time in analytics, and it will pay off. Good luck with your bets!

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