Dotabetz experts dwell on the training of pro Dota 2 players. A player is a member who enters a team with the purpose of taking part in game events. Every player will literally “play” their part in order to raise the ranking of the team they are part of. The result is winning the great prize and receiving the title of best Dota 2 players.

The Importance of Players

Sure, the ranking of the team determines the success rate – but considering that each of those groups is made by Dota 2 players, it’s clear that they need to bring out their best.
Regardless of where you are in the world, you may control a hero and make them stronger with items you win as part of the Dota 2 team. The players that have completed with success several missions can receive the title of top Dota 2 players, which means that the team will be on the way to the top ranking.

Stats and Information

You can view the game activity of all Dota 2 players directly on the steam. All you need to know is the server they play on. This allows you to see their statistics – which will improve your own chances of reaching the top. This way, you can also see if the player is worth placing a bet on.

How is Dota 2 training going?

Unlike Counter-Strike, Dota 2 players must train not micro-control but an understanding of the game on the map, and this, unfortunately or fortunately, only comes with experience. In CS, a player who knows how to shoot correctly can quickly learn some nuances of team play and will show excellent results on the professional stage. And in Dota 2, dozens of stories about how players who perfectly pressed the buttons did not achieve any success.
That is why, in most cases, professional players are trained in two modes:
• Single. The player goes to public and plays with other people, getting useful information and training existing skills.
• Team. The team comes up with some strategies, works out techniques and plays against other professional teams.

Of course, the second option does not make any sense for a usual player. The majority uses the first one, but, unlike Counter-Strike, where you need to train 2-3 hours before the games to do well in a match, top Dota 2 players spend a few minutes to kill the creeps in training mode, and then they go to play the matches. But that’s about core players.
As a support, the best Dota 2 players often go to training lobbies on their own to watch interesting positions for wards. If you play in this position, we highly recommend you periodically do this and watch replays of professional matches to pick up useful information from them and improve your skill.

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