Dotabetz experts tell you how they analyze events on Dota 2 tournaments schedule before betting. Analytics is the beginning of any bet, and it starts even before the matches are announced. As soon as the first information about the Dota 2 tournament appears, a professional bettor immediately starts analyzing it, because a lot of information already at this stage can be useful when placing a bet. That is why Dotabetz experts decided to create a separate topic dedicated to the analytics of Dota 2 major tournaments.

How to analyze and why is this valuable

Now let’s discuss what points you need to pay attention to when analyzing Dota 2 tournaments, and why you need it. In this article, we will look at the critical issues in analytics and their impact on your future bets.

Team composition

The team composition primarily determines whether you will bet on the Dota 2 events at all. If only tier-3 teams gather on it, then it makes no sense to bet on it. Even if there is one tier-2 team at such a competition, it will not be of interest to a professional bettor, because even the best will not be motivated to play at full strength.

On the other hand, if upcoming Dota 2 tournaments with a large prize, and there are few good teams on it (WESG is a good example), then you will have an excellent opportunity to catch the odds in live or to get the odds for different events (the first 10 kills, handicaps, totals and much more).

Tournament format

Firstly, look at the Dota 2 tournament schedule. Many different event formats somehow affect team motivation. For example, if there are a lot of group matches at a tournament, but at the same time no one will be eliminated before the playoffs, then not all teams will try to give their best to win. This is especially true for strong teams that quickly gain points and lose the motivation to spend energy and show skills while still in the group if it has almost no effect. This will be an excellent opportunity to catch the odds.

Also, consider where the tournament is taking place. If it is located, for example, in America or Southeast Asia, this may indicate that many players who come to the tournament right before its start may feel bad, and this will affect their game.
All this is just a shortlist of information that a preliminary analysis gives you. Still, only for those who are ready to spend time on such analytics, esports opens up as an opportunity to make money on betting.

By going on, you have the opportunity to catch all the upcoming Dota 2 tournaments in time to win game modes. Just enter the steam, place your bet, and become a member of the eSport community. At DotaBetz, we take it upon ourselves to inform you of the Dota 2 tournament schedule, as well as to let you know which team has the best odds of winning.